Case study: The GreenComp initiative

Case Study

The GreenComp initiative

The GreenComp initiative advocates for multi-stakeholder engagement, including civil society actors, in the European Competence Framework for Green Skills.

The framework provides guidance for learners and educators on what sustainability as a competency entails. The framework was informed by a Green Skills Survey that helped to map best practices in green skill provision across Europe, identify occupation-specific skills and transversal skills for a green economy.

GreenComp is responding to the ambitions set out in the European Green Deal by outlining twelve competencies organised into four areas.

Embodying sustainability values

  • valuing sustainability
  • supporting fairness
  • promoting nature

Embracing complexity in sustainability

  • systems thinking
  • critical thinking
  • problem framing

Envisioning sustainable futures

  • futures literacy
  • adaptability
  • exploratory thinking

Acting for sustainability

  • political agency
  • collective action
  • individual initiative

The BILT project is implemented by

International Centre for Technical and Vocational Education and Training

with support of

Federal Institute for Vocational Education and Training

and sponsored by

Federal Ministry of Education and Reserve

UNESCO-UNEVOC International Centre

for Technical and Vocational Education and Training

UN Campus, Platz der Vereinten Nationen 1

53113 Bonn, Germany


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